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Infant Room

6 weeks to 12 months

 The current rate is $200 a week.

This is the only enrollment plan offered for the infant room.

Our infant room strives to provide the first stepping-stones for learning. The infants care given plenty of time for gross motor play to explore their surroundings in a safe and baby friendly environment. We offer a variety of play stations to stimulate curiosity and often there is music in the background as our little ones start to explore their world. Our infants enjoy music and movement, story time, outdoor play, and plenty of cuddles and kisses during one-on-one time with our caregivers. Daily communication is maintained with our parents both verbally and through a daily written report. The staff to infant ratio is 1:4.


What is provided by Kids Kingdom:
-Pack-n-Plays for nap time
-Blankets and sheets
-Bibs and burp clothes

What is provided by our parents:
-Baby Food
-Diaper Rash Cream
-Pacifiers (if needed)
-Clean Bottles for each feeding
-Sippy Cups
-Extra Clothes
-Sunscreen (age appropriate)