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Pre-School Room
3 to 5 years

We offer 3, 4 and 5 day per week programs.
The current rate is $30 per day with the weekly pay scale being as follows:

$150 for 5 days
$120 for 4 days
$90 for 3 days


When children arrive in the Pre-School room they are ready for a more formal learning environment. They thrive on a structured schedule that still includes plenty of opportunity for individual exploration. We focus on manners, character and conduct, behavior and boundaries, as well as Kindergarten readiness skills. Our Pre-Schoolers enjoy outdoor play, coloring time, puzzle time, center activities, music and movement, circle time, calendar, weather, the Pledge of Allegiance, counting, songs, fingerplays and poems. Pre-School time includes a daily theme or concept and early reading, writing, and math skills. In addition, the local librarian visits our circle time several times each month.


What is provided by Kids Kingdom:
-Mats for nap


What is provided by our parents:






-Sippy Cups (as needed)

-Extra Clothes


-Pillow and Blanket